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President Trump took reins of power with bang like a typical reality TV Star. He banned entry of Muslims from seven nations till extreme vetting measures are in place. This looks prima facie like a Islamophobic measure intended to hurt Muslims. Almost everybody included got deluded into thinking that this part delivery of his campaign promise to ban entry of Muslims with no hidden agenda. However, a close scrutiny with factual analysis shows something different.

Most of the terrorist attacks in USA had Pakistan involved in one way or other. The 9/11 attacks had Saudi citizens leading the attacks and Al-Qaeda leadership had clear Saudi Stamp on it. USA government reports have frequently talked about funding of terror by Saudi and Qatari citizens including members of Royal Family. Turkey support for ISIS and procurement of oil from ISIS is well known. Now, looking at the list of nations people like me wonder, why Turkey, Pakistan. Saudi Arabia and Qatar is not among the list of nations whose citizens are banned from entering USA.

A close scrutiny of the list of nations shows that with a single exception most of the countries do not good relations of Saudi Arabia. The seven countries favoured by the Trump are countries not favoured by Saudi Arabia and Israel. The ban decision of President Trump is actually a diplomatic master strike by Israel and Saudi Arabian joint lobby. Oil and Arms Lobby has demonstrated their omnipotence through carefully using visa entry ban on Iranian Block nations to further Saudi Arabian and Israeli interests (which are deeply intertwined with the Lobby interests).

Syria: Israel has been eyeing Golan Heights and Saudi Arabia & USA wants Assad out of power at any cost. Israel also wants to ensure a weak army of every bordering state.

Iraq: Not only Saudi Arabia is against Shiite leadership of Iraq but the influence of Tehran in Baghdad affairs annoying Tel Aviv. The Israel Saudi Arabian friendship is more apparent due to fear of Iran.

Yemen: The port of Bab el Mandeb in Bay of Aden of Yemen is actually chowky to enter to rest of Asia and Africa after Suez Canal. If the Iran backed Houthi controls the port of Bab el Mandeb, they can block Israel, Saudi Arabian Jeddah side African transportation, Ethiopia and certainly master of Suez Egypt from Bay of Aden to entire Red Sea.. Every loyal to Saudi Camp (unofficially loyal to Israel also) is continuously fighting against poor Yemenis.

Somalia: Actually Wahhabi dominated Somalia is planned to annexed as Israel friend Ethiopia has no port in the same Bay of Aden. If Somalia gone bankrupt, it can be planned to excision for a safer Ethiopia and its reach to Bay of Aden and later direct maritime connection to Israel. Ethiopia yet not has large Jew population but almost entire ‘Beta Israel’ community born in Ethiopia later migrated to Israel. Israel ‘rescued’ them in Operation Moses and Operation Soloman in 80s. There are hardly 500 Jews left in Ethiopia but the most Ethiopian born ‘Beta Israelis’ have greater pressure on Christian dominated Ethiopia via Israel and Unites States of America. Israel and Ethiopia will be benefitted if Somalia sits.

Iran: Iran is age old enemy of Saudi Arabia. Iran backed Hezbollah are supporting fight against ISIS in Iraq, Syria and Libya. Iran is the leader of anti Saudi anti Israel camp. During Syrian crisis Iran is successful to take Russia in its camp and later Tehran managed most reliable NATO ally Turkey against ISIS in Syria. Iran enjoys the ‘blessings in disguise’.

Libya: Colonel Gaddafi of Libya was portrayed as political assassinated by Americans on his step to found African Bank and gold based Libyan currency. Gaddafi personally visited Israel when he was in turmoil during NATO backed forces started to control the oil rich North African state. He was not Wahhabi and certainly anti World Monetary Fund and World Bank policies.

Sudan: It is a ally of Muslim Brotherhood global presence despite the excision of South Sudan was taken place due to dispute of 1600 KM long Greater Nile Oil Pipeline (GNOP) from Red Sea to South Sudan, operated by Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company with 40% share of China National Petroleum Corporation. Malaysia 30%, ONGC Videsh India 25% and Sudan based Sudapest has 5% equity. The Company headquarter at Khartoum, Sudan and is operated under Sudanese security has dominance in North Africa oil market while the oil rich Christian majority South Sudan has no way to negotiate with Sudanese authority. Actually the operation of GNOP was the base of conflict between Khartoum and Juba, later it resulted with obliterate of South Sudan. Christian lover Donald Trump wants to control Sunni regime of Khartoum over animist, indigenous but Christian majority South Sudan. South Sudanese pipelined based economy has no value as the GNOP littered lying across Sudan to Red Sea.

It seems that the Reality TV Star has pleased his white racist voters by framing his ban announcement and vain posturing while actually serving the interests of Israeli Lobby and Saudi Royal Family. But it is also clear that Trump has forgotten about other voters who have supported him for destroying Oil and Arms lobby, which has taken over US Government. These voters elected Trump despite his right winger views being contrary to their own beliefs to throw a Molotov cocktail in entrenched lobby interests in US Government Administration. These voters who wanted to destroy Lobby interests have been betrayed by the President Trump. The list of nations selected is ample demonstration of this fact wherein President Trump has stayed away from nations with clear links to terrorist attacks on US soil, which is Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Trump knows that his racist white bank is not well versed with international situation. Taking advantage of their ignorance, Trump has openly focused his travel Ban on Iran Block countries destroying years of diplomatic efforts to bring Iran to mainstream.

Trump took UAE crown Prince Sheikh Muhammed bin Zayed and King Salman of Saudi Arabia into his confidence immediately after announcing ban. That shows the priorities of President Trump is Saudi Arabia interests and the list of banned countries demonstrates that Trump Administration will revive Anti-Iran Lobby. It is sad because after long time, USA and Iran were coming closer and the USA foreign policy has scored a touch down by removing sanctions against Iran and cessation of open hostilities, Now, President Trump has lost whatever Trust, US government has earned in Iran in one single stroke by deliberately selecting Pro-Iran countries for the ban. President Trump has started a new Chapter of USA Government alliance with Wahabi/Salafists known to support terror across the world including USA and targeted Anti-Wahabi interests including Shiite and Sufi Sunni Community to declare this newly built alliance with Pro-Wahabi interests. The world is watching this farce of reality TV Star Trump wherein he is supporting Wahabi/Israeli interests in the name of war on terrorism and protecting USA interests.

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