New Delhi, January 17, 2017:Delhi International Film Festival team met Ambassador of Syria Dr Riad Kamel Abbas at Delhi to Presented award trophy for Sulaf Fawakherji as Best Women Director in Arab Cinema for her film ‘CHERRY LETTERS’ at the Embassy of Arab Republic of Syria in India.

Glimse of Syrian movie ‘Cherry Letters’
Photo: SANA



After being awarded by Delhi International film festival and Alexandria Film Festival, the Syrian movie “Cherry Letters” won the Audience Award at the Mediterranean Film Festival of Annaba in Algeria.

Seen as an important patriotic work of art talking about the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan, the 72 m long film passionately tells a story of love between a boy and a girl and another symbolically-expressed one between a people and a land in a sublime atmosphere of cherry-colored nostalgia.

Produced by Syriatel telecommunication company in cooperation with Shaghaf for Art Production Company, the film is the first directing experience of the renowned actress Sulaf Fawakherji.

DIFF officials said that Dr. Sushil Jain also got the Honor award at DIFF this year for his incredible achievements in his field. On this occasion Ms. Sushma Ram, President The Social Circle, Ramkishore Parcha, President DIFF, Manish, Editor, DIFF and Mallika Kapoor from DIFF presented there.


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