New Delhi, February 19, 2017.

Muslim Students Organisation of India General  Secretary Shujaat Quadri attending the conference on Palestine at Tehran scheduled to be start by Monday. Muslim Students Organisation of India ie MSO is the largest Muslim Students association of India with 1 million alumni and current strength. MSO have adopted a firm stand on the Palestine since commencement of the alliance since early 1973. This is  not only India’s largest but Sufi organisation, espoused the non compromising stand on Palestine, anti Zionist and anti Wahhabi Takfiri plunk.

Before leaving New Delhi, he spoke to ‘Diplomacy Today’ that Muslim Students Organisation of India recently holds a massive agitation against the state visit of President of Israel Reuven Rivlin.  “India is known for its longstanding with Palestine and we always voiced for an Independent Palestine state, vis a vis Indian people always agitated on the Israeli atrocities on Palestinians. India’s ultimate support for the Palestinian cause is still an underlying concern. Beyond the recognition for Palestinian self-determination ties have been largely dependent upon socio-cultural bonds. India provided $10 million relief to Palestine’s annual budget on one occasion” he said.

“We the Indian people stand in solidarity with the courageous Palestinian nation in their struggle against the Israeli Zionist colonial occupation of their homeland. The Indian people ever since the days of our own independence movement have steadfastly supported the Palestinian nation. The Israeli occupation is committed to the total ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from all of historic Palestine & destruction of the holy sites which include the Masjid al-Aqsa & the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem,” Shujaat stated.

The three day conference is called by Iranian Parliament after a break of six years. Iran is supporting Palestinian cause since Imam Khomeini’s ‘Islamic Revolution’ in 1979.


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