New Delhi, February 8, 2017.

Air India Boeing 787 dreamliner flight is being planned to fly Mumbai to Tel Aviv direct with the help of Saudi Arabia. Israel’s state carrier El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Mumbai taking almost seven hours to reach as Islamic countries does not permit Israeli airline to fly over their airspace. The announcement could be made prior to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel later this year.

Sources said that Saudi Arabia is helping Air India to reach out Tel Aviv from Red Sea although Saudi Arabia does not permit Israel Airline directly to fly over its airspace. Iran, UAE, Pakistan and Afghanistan also do not permit Israel. The circuitous route of Air India will be direct Saudi Arabia then take a detour near Red Sea to enter Israel. El Al flight is taking almost seven hours to reach Mumbai, the Saudi Arabian supported route to Israel will save around two hours. Israeli flag carrier For instance El Al flight taking off from Tel Aviv to Mumbai to go to southern part of Israel through Red Sea, then Bay of Aden to Indian Ocean maritime. The airtime of the El Al flight can not be saved as Israeli carrier has no permission to fly over Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Air India earlier operated a flight Airbus 310 to Israel but had to discontinue as the route was very  arduous.


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