Sahle-Work Zewde elected as Ethiopia’s first female president by the members of parliament. She is a former diplomat with long years of experience.

Subsequent to being confirmed, President Sahle-Work vowed to strive towards gender equality in Ethiopia. Boldly presented, the new president called upon gender equality from the start and commented that her ambition towards a better Ethiopia has just begun.

“I am a product of people who fought for equality and political freedom in this country, and I will work hard to serve them,” Ms Sahle-Work while addressing the Parliament.

Ms Sahle-Work’s arrangement has been invited by Ethiopians via web-based networking media with many calling it “notable”. While the last African female head of state was Mauritian President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, who surrendered in March over a costs outrage. She denied any wrongdoing.

She has been depicted as Ethiopia’s first female head in the present cutting edge time, with some recalling Empress Zewditu who represented the nation in the early twentieth century.

The Diplomat made elected President

President Sahle-Work has been Ethiopia’s envoy in Senegal and Djibouti. She has likewise held various UN positions, including head of peace-building working in the Central African Republic (CAR). Ms Sahle-Work was also the UN delegate at the African Union.

In the Ethiopian constitution, the post of president is formal with the head administrator holding the political power.


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