Cairo, January 30, 2017.

The Egyptian President met with the President of the Arab World Institute in Paris, Mr. Jack Lang who was visiting Cairo and handed over a message to President Al Sisi from his French counterpart François Hollande to commend the distinct relations between Egypt and France and underscore France’s commitment to further advancing relations with Egypt across all areas. Mr. Lang gave an overview of the Arab World Institute’s efforts to extend bridges of communication between the Arab and European civilizations. He reiterated Egypt’s pivotal role in promoting cultural relations between the Arab world and Europe, noting that it is considered to be a beacon of civilization and enlightenment. Mr. Lang also briefed the Egyptian President on the cultural and archaeological activities and exhibitions that will be organized by the Arab World Institute in the coming period. President Al Sisi emphasized that Egypt is keen on presenting a civilization model that is based on respect for the other’s principles and thoughts, regardless of the differences in views. This is in addition to entrenching the principle of equality, upholding the value of citizenship and nondiscrimination on religious, ethnic or sectarian basis.


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