New Delhi, 28 May 2019

Varuna 19.2, the second round of the Indo-French maritime exercise held from 22nd to 25th May 2019, united a French atomic assault submarine right now conveyed in the Indian Ocean and an Indian submarine.

This significant preparing, involving submarine battle works out, went on for over 35 hours. The abnormal state activities enabled the two groups to be prepared in identification, following, dive assault, while keeping up power over oceanic territories and their condition. Sorted out under the operational control of the French Joint Forces Commander in the Indian Ocean (ALINDIEN), this activity was a chance to fortify our capacities for joint activity in a basic and key field while showing the abnormal state of interoperability accomplished.

Varuna.19.1, which incorporated the interest of the French Navy’s plane carrying warship, FNS Charles de Gaulle, the French submarine had just led an activity with an Indian submarine for a time of seven hours. Varuna 19.2 intends to develop this first connection in another condition.

India and France have been vital accomplices for over twenty years. This organization is the subject of intermittent exchanges and ordinary reciprocal military activities and with about 650 warriors conveyed, the French Forces in the United Arab Emirates (FFEAU), is one of France’s progressed operational bases abroad. All things considered, it underpins the French military resources sent in the Persian Gulf and the north of the Indian Ocean. Because of its conditions, it additionally permits preparing French fighters in battle activities in the desert just as urban territories. As French Joint Forces Commander in the Indian Ocean (ALINDIEN), the Commander of the French Forces in the United Arab Emirates (COMFOR FFEAU) practices specialist over a sea region extending from the south of the Suez Canal in the west toward the western furthest reaches of the waters of Burma, Indonesia and Australia in the east. He maintains France’s protection arrangement and keeps up two-sided military relations.

News Desk, | (courtesy – French Embassy in India)


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