Taskent, 22 March 2019

The region was decorated magnificently with tightrope walkers surprising the attendees with their extraordinary talent. The charm of the event was the exhibition which showed the customs of the people with Navruz, national outfits and folk arts.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev participated in the Navruz celebrations hosted by the Humo Arena complex in Tashkent on Thursday. Navruz is beginning of the Persian new year which is marked as a National Holiday in Uzbekistan.

“I express extraordinary regard and the best wishes to every one of our comrades outside celebrations committed to Navruz in these wonderful days in all urban communities, towns and auls. May your life be brilliant like a spring morning, cheerful and prosperous! May Navruz convey flourishing and joy to each home, each family,”  President Shavkat

The festivals proceeded with a vivid show which mirrored the conventions, particular craftsmanship and people rounds of each area of the nation. Folklore and ethnographic gatherings wished accomplishment to the farmers, sang songs about Navruz, nature, love and care.

Massive screens behind the stage showed the enchanting the local land, pictures of a prosperous life and inventive endeavours of the countrymen. It is reported that the Uzbek people met the current Navruz with amazing achievements, new private structures, modern enterprises, royal residences of culture and sports.

More in the list the people have seen tremendous reforms in industry, agribusiness, transport, the travel industry and different regions with measures taken to support the improvement of the economy. Compared with the 2017 data, the salaries of the populace developed a year ago by 12 per cent.

The dynamic, open and valuable remote strategy sought after by Uzbekistan has encouraged the development in the global distinction of the country. The nation has traded almost twenty authority visits with remote accomplices and critical promising understandings were come to. Relations of shared certainty and collaboration with neighbouring states have turned out to be much more grounded.

Check below some pictures of the vibrant way in which the day is celebrated in Uzbekistan.


Events Desk, Diplomacytoday.in


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