MSO stands with Azerbaijan, Finds Ilham Aliyev is the visionary leader

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New Delhi, October 18.

Nagorno-Karabakh region agglutinated with Azerbaijan and Armenia has no claim on it. Even Armenia has done a lot of war crimes against Azerbaijan. That was the crux of the one day conference of National Delegate Conference of India’s largest Muslim Students Organisation here at India Islamic Cultural Centre in a series of research paper presentation convening.

Shujaat Quadri, National General Secretary of the organisation claimed to prepare the research paper, later presented by Saqib Barkaati, one of the member of this largest group emphasised on the issue of Khojaly, masterhood of occupied territory of Nagorno-Karabakh region, vandalism of Islamic heritage of the region by Armenian forces and the work of upliftment done by the Ilham Aliyev Government.

The document presented by Saqib Barkaati mentioned the genocide of Khojaly. “The modern day genocide of Khojaly is the evidence of Azerbaijan victimization. In the early 1990s, an armed conflict engulfed the region when Armenia launched aggressive military action against Azerbaijan with the aim of implementing its long-standing plan towards occupying Azerbaijani territories. The unilateral secession of Nagorno-Karabakh from Azerbaijan and the annexation of it to Armenia constituted the core of this plan. As a result, Armenia occupied this region, including Khojaly and seven other districts of Azerbaijan. The war that followed this aggression took thirty thousand lives, and nearly one million Azerbaijanis became refugees and internally displaced persons, while thousands of people disappeared without a trace.” Paper claims.

Muslim Students organisation of India told in the paper presentation that Azerbaijan is the home of Islam and they think Armenia has done lot of war crimes. “The occupation of the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven adjacent districts of Azerbaijan (Kalbajar, Lachyn, Gubadly, Zangilan, Jabrayil, Fuzuli and Aghdam), as well as seven villages in the district of Gazakh and the village of Karki in Nakhchyvan, which are beyond the NagornoKarabakh region and situated on the border with Armenia, with 1,891 cultural resources, comprising 738 monuments, 28 museums with more than 83,500 exhibits, 4 picture galleries, 14 memorial complexes and 1,107 cultural establishments, led to a great cultural loss for Azerbaijan.” Saqib said on camera.

Shujaat Quadri, Now elected as President of India’s largest Muslim Students Organisation MSO called the conference.

“The Azerbaijani historical and cultural heritage in Armenia shared the same fate. Thus, the Damirbulag mosque in Iravan (present-day Yerevan) – one of Azerbaijan’s medieval cities – was razed to the ground, while Goy mosque in the same city was “reconstructed” to alter its original authenticity. Among the destroyed architectural monuments are also Haji Novruzali bey Mosque in Iravan, built by Gara Seyid in the second half of the XVIII century and the palace complex, called “Sardar Palace” or “Khan Palace”, also in Iravan, a valuable example of the palace architecture of Safavis and Gajars periods. Sardar Mosque of Iravan (sometimes referred to as Abbas Mirza Mosque) was also subject of systematic destruction, until it was reportedly raised to the ground in 2014.To remove any sign of Azerbaijani heritage, the cupola of Amir Saad icosahedra mausoleum,built in 1413 in Jafarabad village (renamed into Argavand) in Armenia, with Arabic inscriptions under its cornice, stating that the tomb was built by order of Amir Pir Huseyn during the rule of Pir Budag khan and Yusif Noyan for Amir Sad, was destroyed. At the same time, this mausoleum was renamed into a “mausoleum of the Turkmen Amirs’ family”. Furthermore, both ancient and modern Azerbaijani cemeteries in Armenia were also demolished. Like in the occupied territories, all native toponyms of historical Azerbaijani places in Armenia have been altered to change their original character.” Muslim Students Organisation of India, now elevated as President Shujaat Quadri said in the paper, circulated among journalists after the discussion.

“We believe that President Ilham Aliyev as the savior of Islamic Heritage while Armenia has done so many things wrong in the region. We fully subscribe the President speech in the recent Islamic Organisation meet at Astana, Kazakhstan” Shujaat said.

Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Quadri, Founder President of the India’s largest Sufi Cleric organisation, All India Tanzeem Ulama e Islam (AITUI) was also present in the conference and he claim to support to the cause. The conference was attended by elected State Delegates to discuss the National and International issues alongwith organisational elections. Shujaat Quadri was elevated as President after General Secretary of the regimentation. Conference was ended with several other discussions alongwith Palestine issue and the matters of Education importance.

Muslim Students Organisation of India National Delegate Conference at New Delhi on October 14. Discussed the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan.
Photo: Diplomacy Today


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