New Delhi, January 18, 2017: Morocco Designates Mohamed Maliki as new Ambassador to India. He is graduate in literature and trained in Strategic Studies and Diplomatic Studies in Morocco, Pakistan, Malaysia and the United States. Ambassador Maliki has over two decades experience.

He started his career as a First Secretary of Foreign Affairs in charge of Technical Cooperation with African countries, he has wide experience in African and Asian affairs having served in Cameroon from 1994 to 2000 and at the Directorate of Asia and Oceania Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Morocco till his appointment as ambassador to India.From July 2003 to August 2007, he had been the Deputy Ambassador at the Moroccan Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

On the official website of Morocco Ambassador Maliki promises that Embassy will attempt, in the nearest future, to provide some relevant information in Hindi to encourage more exchanges and reach out to a larger number of people interested in visiting Morocco, in doing business or in getting to know the rich and multifaceted culture of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Ambassador Mohamed Maliki is married with two children.


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