New Delhi, 20 January 2019

Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to talk on various bilateral issues which held in the city of Gandhinagar, India prior to participating in Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, which is organised in every two years to showcase the progression of Gujarat with foreign delegations , investors and companies to promote trade.

PM of Malta Joseph Muscat with Indian PM Narendra Modi

The meeting took up with the common interest for both countries -pharmaceuticals. PM Muscat offered a range of advantages for the pharmaceutical industry by Malta, it’s important to note the Malta Medicines Authority already in good excel in this field which conducts inspections in India to stamped products with quality mark for export. PM Muscat also mentioned about aviation and the co-operation with Air Malta. PM Muscat also proposed that Malta could be a strategic destination for Indian citizens to travel to other European countries and Northern Africa. The discussion also put concern for the fields of innovation, IT and the possibility of co-operation in the field of Blockchain.

PM Muscat in Vibrant Gujarat Summit

PM Muscat is one of five heads of state who were invited to the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. Malta presented its potential to investors from India and other countries concerning its economic progress and tourism.

Mohit Srivastava

News Desk,


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