New Delhi, 30 May 2019

The ruling coalition’s candidate Egils Levits elected as the new President of the Republic of Latvia with 61 votes in favour. Egils Levits’ global experience will help plot Latvia’s future.

In the past Levits additionally filled in as Latvia’s diplomat to Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. He was likewise a delegate in the fifth Saeima, just as Latvia’s Justice Minister. Levits was later chosen as Latvia’s delegate to the European Human Rights Court and a brief time later Levits turned into a judge of European Union Court of Justice. Egils Levits is additionally the co-creator of Latvia’s 4 May 1991, Declaration for Independence and had taken an interest in the improvement of the preface to the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia.

As it is known, most of the decision alliance in the Saeima – National Alliance ‘For Latvia – For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK’, New Conservative Party and Attīstībai/Par! – had recently voiced help for Egils Levits as a presidential hopeful.

“I will be a leader of poor people and the rich alike” – Latvian President Egils Levits

The State President’s Election Law expresses that it is just permitted to choose Latvian natives who have achieved the age of 40 when Election Day comes. Another prerequisite is that hopefuls must not have citizenship of another nation. It isn’t permitted to choose as state president an individual proclaimed unequipped for discerning choices or has a criminal record, with the exception of situations when the individual experienced restoration or if the criminal record was eradicated.

It is additionally not permitted to choose as president an individual who served in the Soviet Union’s knowledge administration or counter-insight administration, just as an individual who was an individual from Latvian SSR Workers International Front, Labor Collective Council, War and Work Veterans Organization, Latvian Public Rescue Committee or its Regional Committees after 13 January 1991.

Individuals who are not permitted to get down to business in Saeima, European Parliament, republic city and province chambers, aside from situations when punishments related with this forbiddance were lifted.

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