June 28: The Constitution Day for Ukraine

New Delhi, 28 June 2019

Ukraine is celebrating this day as the 23rd anniversary of the constitution of the country, the Ukrainian Republic Day. Ukraine sees 28th June as a public holiday set in honour of the adoption of the constitution – the main document of higher legal forces in the country. The document changed the constitution of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic used until 1996.

The Primary document of the country was accepted by the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian Parliament) in the night on 28th June 1996, after the night of continuous work, 315 votes on the same day, the constitution of Ukraine was adopted. Ukraine after getting independence from USSR in 1991, it was the last country to adopt its constitution that too after five years of its independence. Ukraine is a sovereign, Democratic, legal state that uses in its board the principle of narodovladdâ. The highest social value in Ukraine, which must ensure a state where everyone has the right to life and health, honour and dignity, immunity and security.

On June 28th, on the occasion of the constitution day of Ukraine, it happens to experience holiday activities – placing flowers, decorations, display of films, concerts and much of the leisure activities. In all areas of the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv, this day is commemorated with the ceremony of the placing of flowers to the monument. One can enjoy musical events by popular Ukrainian musicians, singing the Ukrainian anthem, Large street parades that include brass bands and mesmerising Fireworks

Ukraine since then

The citizens cast a ballot overwhelmingly for freedom in the submission of December 1, 1991. In a decision concurring with the choice, Leonid Makarovych Kravchuk was chosen as the first president. Since then the Ukranian government has been in the process of improvement such as developing the framework for the independent Ukrainian military, building up its state structure, regularized relations with neighbouring nations, the democratization of the country, and setting up its potential in the global network.

Ukraine’s foreign policy was established as a pro-western and it focused on being “European”  opposed to a “Eurasian” nation. The state images and national song of the devotion of the post-World War I Ukrainian National Republic were reinstituted.

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