New Delhi, 01 July 2019

This day marks the 152nd anniversary of the adoption of the Canadian Constitution. On 1st July 1867, Canada signed the Constitution Act and turned in a new federation.

Since then, July 1 is recognised as Canada Day which marks a national holiday in the country. The authorization of the British North America Act, 1867 which is called the Constitution Act, 1867 now – confederated Canada, with the ringing of the chimes at the Cathedral Church of St. James in Toronto and blazes, firecrackers and enlightenment, military showcases and melodic and different diversions could be seen as a commemoration. The act joined three provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada province, which then split into Ontario and Quebec.

Canada was set free to fly from the hands of England in 1982 which is known as the Dominion Day, settled in 1879.  In 1946, a bill was advanced to rename Dominion Day, however contentions in the House of Commons over what to call the occasion slowed down the bill. The 100th commemoration of the country’s legitimate creation in 1967 saw the development of the soul of Canadian energy, and Dominion Day festivities truly started to take off. Albeit many Canadians previously called the occasion Canada Day, the new name wasn’t officially received until October of 1982.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

To celebrate the day, there are parades in cities, towns, and villages all over Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s 32 officers special musical group-the RCMP performs equestrian parade for the Canadians. People enjoy it with picnics, festivals, sporting events, and fireworks. All witness grand celebrations in the form of fireworks and parades.

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