New Delhi, 01 May 2019

The 59-year-old Naruhito succeeds his 85-year-old father Akihito to become the modern emperor of Japan, the latter abdicated the throne referring to his age and coming up short wellbeing the day before. This noteworthy progression to the Imperial Throne from a living Emperor a principal occasion occurring in roughly 200 years after an abdication.

Emperor Naruhito (left) with father Akihito (right)

Naruhito actually moved toward becoming ruler at the stroke of midnight when his dad’s rule arrived at an end – denoting the beginning of the new Reiwa period, which means “Beautiful Harmony”. This morning his place was formalized as he emblematically claimed the sacred imperial regalia, a sword and a jewel that have been gone down through the generations.

Former Indian PM and Indian Foreign Minister shared words with the ambassador

Japanese Ambassador to India hosted a reception for commemorating the Imperial Succession in Japan at his residence in New Delhi. “Reiwa era would be the era for peace and happiness for the world and that India and Japan could work hand in hand to make this hope a reality,” said Ambassador Hiramatsu.

Indian Foreign Minister Ms Sushma Swaraj’s message

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