New Delhi, 30 May 2019

70 years after the Israeli-Palestinian clash started over the control on land and Religion. Israel is the world’s just Jewish state, found only east of the Mediterranean Sea. Whereas Palestinians, the Arab populace that hails from the land Israel currently controls, allude to the region as Palestine and need to set up a state by that name on all or part of similar land.

Iran has always been supporting the cause of humanity that has been seeming to be violated in Palestine land by Israeli forces.  In spite of the fact that the two Jews and Arab Muslims date their cases to the land back two or three thousand years, the current political clash started in the mid-twentieth century.

The Iranian Ambassador to India 

 The Iranian Ambassador India Ali Chegini told Diplomacy Today that Palestine is the issue of Islam and the Islamic World, Jerusalem is a status related to God. Imam Khomeini successfully connected Palestine with the holy month of Ramadan which states, being against Jerusalem is equals to be against Islam.

Ambassador further added, ” I thank India for supporting Palestine issue as a humanitarian crisis which is about true Justice. Israel has the apartheid charter for First and Second  Citizens where 600 Thousands of Palestinians are out of home and they can not return to their home. I appeal to the world community to take a referendum for the region including the displaced Palestinians.”

At the present scenario, Life for a large number of the Palestinians who live in the Gaza Strip is troublesome where  Israel controls its coastline. There is no working air terminal. Since access is so confined, very few products get into or out of Gaza. Amid the 1948 and 1967 wars, a huge number of Palestinians had to left their land, or were constrained out of, their homes and moved to neighbouring nations to progress toward becoming migrants.

During a special media briefing, Taslim Rehmani from Indian Muslim Council said, “There are 77 resolutions against Israel in the United Nations but no nation is able to stop Israel to run its apartheid genocide. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi didn’t go to Ramallah while travelling to Tel Aviv, which is questionable. Buying weaponry from Israel, India is supporting the apartheid Israel to run its Zionist anti-Israel agenda. 

Iran, as a Muslim-greater part nation, has much of the time included itself in the Israeli-Palestinian clash as a supporter for the Palestinians who are enduring because of a “Zionist routine” and need backing and sponsorship by the Muslim world.

Prominent Shia Cleric of India, Maulana  Mohsin Taqvi mentioned, “The 1967 war is especially significant for the present clash, as it left Israel responsible for the West Bank and Gaza Strip, two domains home to huge Palestinian populace. The Modern World is able to free South Africa in a recent History but the civil society is failed to make Palestine from Israel Zionist cage. We should thank Iran for voicing the Palestine cause here and power to the initiative by Imam Khomeini to strengthening the Palestine cause within the Islamic World.”

Palestine requires the support for the world powers for humanity, to save lives of thousands of innocent Palestinians who are in present days sufferings for their basic living rights.

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