-Ghulam Dastgir

India was on the top of Arabic Calligraphy at the time Mughals and Sultanate, but the art has been vanished after independence. The art of calligraphy will be revived first time after independence under the aegis of Dargaah Aaasar Sharief and Retsu Foundation Malaysia on Febraruary 12 at Ewaan e Ghalib, New Delhi.

Event organiser Syed Faraaz Ahmed Aamiri told here the reporters that the Arabic Calligraphy competition will be the first time in the history of India.” Since more than one million in India Hafiz (Quran memorized cleric) and millions of people are familiar with the Arabic language and culture, but also the lack of competition in India is really surprising. You see the UNESCO World Heritage site Qutub Minar was engraved the verses of Quran, the fact that the mosaic of Arabic Calligraphy is embossed there. The art in India is expected to grow further together with Aasar Sharief  and Retsu Foundation Malaysia, they are mounted at Aewan e Ghalib (Ghalib Auditorium), Mata Sundari Road, Near Bal Bhawan, Near ITO on February 12 under which the competitors have been called.” Faraaz said.

There are two types of prizes. Men and women in the three best participants will be sent to Malaysia to study Arabic language. Syed Ehraz, Sajjadanashin of Dargaah himself said that this is the utmost really is a matter of pride for India that we are the organiser of the competition for the first time. With the competition, Aewan e Ghalib will perform Milad (Prophet Muhammad’s Birth celebration) has been scheduled, in which renowned ‘NaatKhawan’ (chanters) will perform, he added.

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Dargaah Aasar Sharief and Syed Faraaz and Syed Ehraz


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