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Turkmenistan has begun the definite readiness to the First Caspian Economic Forum to be hung on the twelfth of August 2019 in the National Tourist Zone “Avaza.” It is positively symbolical that the date of this first in the history of huge Caspian discussion harmonizes with the Day of the Caspian Sea.

The usage of measures on the arrangement and facilitating the First Caspian Economic Forum unfurls as per the Concept of holding the Forum avowed by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The hierarchical and logical work is acknowledged in the Coordination focal point of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan set up by the goals of the Head of State on December 14, 2018, amid the Meeting of the state’s legislature.

The up and coming in the August of the ebb and flow year the First Caspian Economic Forum fills in as one of the fundamental occasions of vital intrigue in the most up to date history of Caspian states’ common relations, endorsed by the working of such critical global authoritative archive, which the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea marked on the twelfth of August 2018 happens to be. As is known, this establishing worldwide authoritative archive which condenses the aftereffects of long haul arrangement procedure of littoral Caspian states guarantees to open wide open doors for acknowledgement of new venture extends in the Caspian district.

As indicated by the calculated vision of the coordinators, the Agenda of the First Caspian Economic Forum will envelop wide scope of issues which will additionally frame the base for imminent headings of participation of states members. It is arranged that amid the trading of perspectives and valuable exchanges genuine subjects concerning the heightening of exchange and financial relations including the making of conditions for improvement and usage of expansive ventures will be proposed. It is anticipated that there will premium dialogues on the job of the economy of the Caspian locale in a worldwide setting, including the expansion of development factors for venture inspiration in the circles of industry, vitality, exchange, the travel industry and different areas of economies of Caspian states presenting shared intrigue.

The stage of the First Caspian Economic Forum will accommodate useful trade of perspectives on the usage of the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Caspian states on exchange and financial collaboration and Intergovernmental Agreement between the Caspian states on participation in the vehicle circle. As is known, these multilateral reports were marked on the twelfth of August 2018 because of the V Summit of the Heads of the Caspian states.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow

The first in the historic gathering of this sort in the structure of the biggest locale on the planet, which the Caspian bowl happens to be, was started by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov amid the IV Summit of the Heads of the Caspian expresses that was held in Astrakhan, the Russian Federation on the 30th September 2014. This activity depends on the idea that Turkmenistan sees strategical criticalness of the Caspian Sea in provincial and interregional geopolitical and geo-monetary procedures, including its job as an imperative travel transport and calculated tie which elevates the need to additionally join the endeavours on the Caspian states. The improvement of valuable collaboration with the Caspian locale states has been and stays to be the standard position and in such manner is among the need vectors of remote strategy course of Turkmenistan.

The activity of the Leader of Turkmenistan has discovered fundamentally new substance in his location amid the V Summit of the Heads of the Caspian expresses that was held in Aktau city of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the twelfth August 2018. Underlining that the five-sided collaboration on the Caspian Sea by extensive relies upon the dimension of cooperation of our states in exchange, monetary and transport forms, the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said that holding the First Economic Forum in 2019 will fill in as a proof of all Caspian states’ status to combine endeavours in such manner.

In this setting, the help of the contemplations of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on holding the following Summit of the Heads of the Caspian states and the First Caspian Economic Forum in Turkmenistan swung to be the solid impression of high trust of the neighbouring nations. All the while this choice allows profound duty regarding facilitated activities in this Eurasian district, the importance of which goes a long ways past its geographic outskirts as per conditions swinging it to one of the keys focuses of the geopolitical and geo-financial procedures.


In the Coordination focus on arrangement and leading the First Caspian Economic Forum, alongside the headliners, projects of the International Conference and Caspian Exhibition of Innovative Technologies are being planned. Close by, the framing of great conditions for productive gatherings and arrangements in the sidelines of the Forum between the administration agents, just as business circles and organizations are anticipated.

Designations of the Caspian states, including heads and individuals from governments, heads of ocean side areas and heads of local official administration organizations, agents of the saving money segment and business circles of the Caspian district just as partner nations, logical specialists, and friends administrators acknowledging exercises in the Caspian Sea are welcome to take an interest to the Forum. Appointments of other partner parties, right off the bat the states in nearness to the Caspian area just as agents of global monetary and money related associations are additionally welcome to the Forum.

The up and coming occasion is planned to give solid judicious motivation to the financial, exchange and venture participation on the Caspian Sea and close-by locales, changing the Caspian district into one of the biggest transport and travel obligations of worldwide degree assuming imperative job in framing new geo-monetary space in Eurasia which can meet the cutting edge worldwide propensities.

Being the initiator and coordinator of the First Caspian Economic Forum, Turkmenistan demonstrates by and by its adherence to the approach of wide universal collaboration in the Caspian district, swinging it to the zone of harmony, security and stable improvement.


Mohit Srivastava

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