New Delhi, 21 April 2019

Nepal which stands in the shadow of the Himalayas was shaken by the news in the late long stretches of 27th February 2019 as the news touched the base of a horrendous helicopter crash with 6 travellers and 1 pilot.

The Airbus H125 helicopter prior known as Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil (Squirrel) was being worked via Air Dynasty and among different travellers, had The Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister, Late Shri Rabindra Adhikari. The terrible accident occurred close to the Pathibara Devi Temple in Taplejung District in Nepal and killed each of them who was on board. This isn’t the first run through a tragic air crash in Nepal has stood out as truly newsworthy as Nepal is viewed as an intense region for pilots yet taking a gander at the subtleties, the inquiry must be raised upon the helicopter included – The Airbus H125.

As per nearby observers, the accident was accounted for to be completely terrible with the helicopter slamming fiercely onto the ground with an enormous blast and abandoning a trail of smoke and the assemblages of the exploited people in an unidentifiable state. The sad occasion stood out as truly newsworthy the whole way across the globe as the world viewed with sickening apprehension the first historically speaking air collide with kill a nation’s Civil Aviation serve.

The H125 helicopters which are gladly supported via Airbus to be fit for high elevation and slope flying have had a seen record in Nepal and have endured various crashes after some time with numerous fatalities. Since the entry of the Airbus H125 type helicopter in Nepal, this has been the 22nd air crash which has happened and there have been an excessive number of lives lost. A figure of 22 crashes is a breathtaking number considering the measure of helicopter air traffic and helicopter tasks in a nation like Nepal, which carefully demonstrates that something isn’t right in the image.

In the outcome of the Air Dynasty helicopter crash, the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority issued orders for an on-location examination to go to the purpose for the accident however no strong reports have risen. Aside from the experts, it has dependably been the aeroplane producer’s obligation to lead an on-location examination if there should be an occurrence of an air crash yet the there has not been any veritable exertion from Airbus Helicopters at all in this issue, neither one of they have allegedly taken part in the on-location examination nor they have done any such exertion before. Considering the string of helicopter crashes in the ongoing section one needs to bring up the carelessness from Airbus’ side as even after 22 crashes on the off chance that they are not fretted over completing an examination, it would appear that they are sitting tight for a considerably greater mishap!

Had Airbus tried to investigate the air crashes before, possibly, quite possibly they could have counteracted numerous accidents around the globe and had spared various lives however it appears they are more joyful keeping up their zero nearby examination record even after 22 crashes in Nepal.

After 22 air accidents, it was Airbus’ obligation to discover the explanation for it to guarantee the wellbeing of their H125 helicopters flying overall right from Vaishno Devi Yatra, Amarnath Yatra, Kedarnath Yatra to New York City visits. Airbus needs to dispose of their indiscreet demeanor towards the lives of the Nepalese People and needs to ground all Nepal enlisted Airbus H125 airship until and except if they direct the examination in Nepal and in the event that they keep on disregarding the calls of the Nepalese individuals, they should reply in the International Court of Justice.

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